Introductory & Advanced Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are held hourly. The first half of each lesson includes vocal exercises that to help extend the vocal range, provide greater clarity, volume, projection, control, relaxation, and promote longevity and breath support.

Second half of each lesson is used to apply the techniques to songs of students' choosing. Although instructor provides song recommendations, students are encourage to choose songs that they would enjoy learning. All songs will be accompanied on keyboard by instructor.

Instructional cds and free online access to instructional community of online tutorials, consultation, and advice are provided. Contact Novell to schedule a lesson.

Amateur and professional performance opportunities are available through the "Novell NU Soul Series" and encompasses various genres of music such as Soul, R@B, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Musical Theater, Opera, Country, and Rock. By audition only.


Novell is a great teacher. He's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He's patient and really cares about bringing out the best in you. I'd definitely recommend him.
- Gizelle Arguello

The most amazing, professional, vocal coach in Miami! I highly recommend his vocal lessons to everybody. He finds an individual way of work with each student. Love you Novell!
- Olga Stratulat

Novell is extremely attentive, caring, honest, open, and extremely well versed in music. He provides correct technique in order to maximize your voice's tone.
- Chris Valente

I have been working with Novell for approximately two years for vocal coaching. Novell is professional, knowledgeable (an expert in his field), trustworthy and personable.
- Alanna Leyva

I had a very good experience with Novell. I received good advices, that I believe help me with my performance. Also, a personality of Novell is engaging and it was a comfortable experience!
- Diana Solovieva

THE best vocal coach in South Florida! Highly recommend this talented instructor!
- Chellie G. G.

He is very patient and explains the reason you should do what he is suggesting. He is the best piano teacher I have had thus far. I highly recommend.
- Connie Wyre

Novell has a unique ability to lead you past your own psychological barriers. No matter your level of talent, Novell will ensure you gain the skills necessary to progress towards your goals!
- Dante Alston

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"I believe everyone deserves the right to explore their talent and desire to sing."